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3rd developments in ureteroscopic stone treatment (D.U.S.T.) Symposium

Event Start Date: 8/17/2017

Event End Date: 8/19/2017

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Cost: $350.00


August 17-August 19, 2017

800 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611

Please join renowned national and international Endourology experts for the 3rd Developments in Ureteroscopic Stone Treatment (D.U.S.T.) symposium including a hands-on skills course on innovations in the “Dusting” technique. Dusting utilizes high-watt holmium lasers to ablate stones into sub-millimeter fragments using settings of high frequency and low-pulse energy.

This comprehensive 2-day program offers a forum to share current practice standards and to incorporate new strategies in the ureteroscopic management of patients with urinary stones in a very much evolving field. Urologists will be introduced to the Dusting technique using state of the art holmium lasers, and the latest advances in digital ureteroscopy. There will be practical demonstrations on bench models, which will allow participants to perform the Dusting technique, as well as review pre-recorded O.R. cases, with tips and tricks from experienced faculty.


  • Comprehend the concept of the Dusting technique for ureteroscopic laser lithotripsy when treating patients with kidney stone disease
  • Apply the Dusting technique in their operative setting as a result of having undergone simulated exercises during the Hands-on skills activity
  • Analyze the different laser fibers available, and different settings needed, that will determine how urologists use different strategies for ureteroscopy in appropriate patients
  • Evaluate the latest evidence surrounding use of ureteroscopy in challenging scenarios, and medical therapy related to ureteroscopy

In case of an enquiry please contact:
Vaughan Daniels-Hepnar
Holmium Clinical Manager at Lumenis LTD  

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HoLEP is considered a gold standard treatment for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) and represents a successful, safe and durable treatment for this condition with a lower recurrence rate on long-term follow-up.1

Lumenis is recognized as the company that supports, promotes and contributes the most to the adoption of HoLEP. This unique recognition has been obtained due to Lumenis’ ongoing support of HoLEP for over 15 years.

Augmenting to this commitment, Lumenis is now offering a comprehensive new set of tools, especially designed to make the procedure:

> Safer
> Faster
> More cost effective

HoLEP training courses with the HoLEP WET simulator are available worldwide throughout the entire year.

The courses are comprehensive scientific meetings for clinicians and nursing staff, provided by well recognized experts, and include hands-on training on the simulator, live or video-urology surgeries and presentations.

1. Hazem M. Elmansy, Ahmed Kotb and Mostafa M. Elhilali, Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate: Long-Term Durability of Clinical Outcomes and Complication Rates During 10 Years of Followup, The Journal of Urology, 2011, 186:1972-1976.


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What do Physicians Say?


“…it was clear that your surgery and demonstration of the HoLEP procedure hugely contributed to the success of the course!

The participants and also the other sponsors were very impressed and very positive of your live surgery and your contribution to the HoLEP model in the skills lab. Off course, the two HoLEP patients benefited the most, since they could leave the hospital the next day happy in a very good condition!

Therefore, a sincere thanks to you Mark for your contributions. You also showed me personally, that I made the right decision to buy the 100W Versapulse to enable us to start with the HoLEP procedure in our hospital. I am very excited to start it soon!  

Finally, I would also like to thank both Lumenis and Laservision for their support to make it all possible. Without you and all people involved, I would not have been possible! 
I for see many future projects to get the HoLEP procedure established in the Benelux and I am looking forward to this”.

Dr. M.J.A.M. de Wildt
Urologist, Catharina-ziekenhuis



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