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Your urinary system is vital to health; it is the main way for your body to expel waste.
This system is vulnerable to a number of diseases and conditions that can impact health,
including BPH, Kidney/Bladder Stones, Strictures and Tumors.

Holmium Academy  is intended to help determine when medical care is needed
and how laser technology can help treat specific conditions with reduced pain,
faster recovery and improved results.

Specifically it:

  • Discusses some of the common conditions
    that can affect your urinary tract system
  • Details the causes of these conditions and
    Provides information on various treatments

When to See a Doctor:

  •  Pain during urination
  •  Blood in urine or semen
  •  Difficulty urinating (starting/stopping, slow stream)
  •  Frequent urination, getting up multiple times at   night
  •  Full feeling bladder even after going
  •  Dark colored urine
  •  Discharge from urethra
  •  Pain in abdomen, groin, back or side
  •  Swelling of penis
  •  Incontinence