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HoLEP Surgery for the First Time in Haiti

In Haiti men are dying from enlarged prostates.  An enlarged prostate, or in its medical term – BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia), is very common in men age 50 and older and is primarily a quality of life condition associated with progressive lower urinary tract symptoms. When symptoms are severe and untreated they can lead to serious medical conditions, such as kidney failure.  Kidney failure requires dialysis, but in Haiti there are no resources to offer dialysis to patients, therefore, patients actually die.  

Dr. Mitchell Humphreys and his medical staff from Mayo Hospital in Phoenix, USA, travelled to Haiti on October 2013, on a mission to treat patients suffering from BPH.  The purpose of the mission was to offer these patients a definitive treatment, so they won’t have to worry about the BPH related symptoms such as, being unable to urinate and going to get dialysis.  This definitive treatment is called HoLEP – Holmium Laser Enucleation of the Prostate, and this is the first time in the world that HoLEP is performed in a developing country such as Haiti.

HoLEP is a minimally invasive surgery which requires no incisions and is suitable for prostates of any size.  The benefit is that once the prostate is treated there is no need to treat it again, it’s a permanent fix, and therefore patients don’t have to have another surgery later on.  

Lumenis is supporting the efforts of Dr. Humphreys and his staff and of the St. Luke Foundation for Haiti, to provide relief and prevent potentially life-threatening complications in BPH patients using its VersaPulse® PowerSuite™ Holmium laser.

Lumenis is committed to supporting medical community leaders as they reach out to patients in need – no matter where they live – to bring them the life-changing benefits of minimally invasive procedures.